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Dynamic "programming" languages

There are no such things

When you program, you have a file of contracts. That means types. For languages which don't have types, they have no contracts. To this day, I still don't understand why employers hire "programmers" to write contractless code.

When a language has no contracts, it's called scripting language. It's not a programming language. Because when a programmer programs, again, they have contracts.

I was stupid

I've dug a big hole with scripting languages. But when it came to maintenance/refactoring/writing APIs, I realized I was too stupid: I've spent time and money on some nightmares from hell.

I was arrogant

But life is just that. And I learned. Pick one above phrase: "test-driven development" was invented by some arrogant people, who tried to tell "programmers" to do something that a compiler does. Why I call them arrogant? They wanted "programmers" to do some tasks that should be done by... the machine. Well, a humble person would just tell the machine to do tasks for them.


Scripting languages are like fashion. They were just trendings. Even some "hot" company was trying to base its cloud prices on CPU usage. They call it amateur engineering.


To employers out there, you should not hire people to write contractless code. It will haunt you years later, like a curse.